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Alma CastilloAlma Castillo 

Senior Admission Counselor
Office: (406) 781-0807
Email: alma.castillo@ugf.edu



  • Freshman from California
  • Freshman from Eastern Montana
  • Transfer students
  • JAG-Paralegal Studies students
  • Re-Admit students
  • Students being recruited for volleyball and soccer



Favorite Quote: “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” –Margaret Thatcher

What do you like about Great Falls? Saturday mornings are what I like about Great Falls. On Saturdays, I wake up and make my way to one our cute little coffee shops downtown. After, I go thrifting and antiquing, which both are a sport to me. I end my Saturday with a walk, or a bike ride, at a park or along the Missouri river. I dream about Saturday mornings in Great Falls.

What do you like about UGF? From the moment I  stepped on the UGF campus, as a student almost six years ago, I knew this is where I belonged. The faculty and staff are inviting and endlessly helpful. As a Freshman, the older students always made sure that I kept myself busy and that I was making friends. I found my nooks around campus and made them my place of study and before I knew it UGF became “home”. When I graduated I missed UGF, so I came back and got a job that allowed me to tell others what a great university this is.





Denise OstbergDenise Ostberg Picture
Associate Director/Admission Counselor
Office: (406) 868-1933
Email: denise.ostberg@ugf.edu



  • Freshman from Central Montana (excluding Great Falls)
  • Freshman from California
  • Freshman from Colorado
  • Freshman from Idaho
  • Freshman from Utah
  • Distance learning students
  • Graduate students
  • International students
  • Non-degree seeking students
  • Students being recruited for track, cross-country, rodeo, cheer and dance.



Favorite Quote: “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” - By Robert Brault.

What do you like about Great Falls? After growing up in Great Falls and then moving away for 20 plus years, I felt really at home coming back. I love the small town feel and enjoy the opportunities that Great Falls has to offer. I enjoy the outdoors and get to experience the different seasons here.

What do you like about UGF? I love working at the University of Great Falls because of its small size and personal attention that is given to each student. I love the history and the potential that the university has to offer. The staff, faculty and students always make me feel welcomed and are always available if needed.





Janet Hernandez
Reception/Visit Coordinator
Office: (406) 791-5202
Email:  janet.hernandez@ugf.edu


Favorite Quote: “I would rather regret the things that I have done than the things I have not." - Lucille Ball

What do you like about Great Falls?  I love the changing of the seasons.  I take advantage of the nice summer weather by going to the lakes and rivers to enjoy all Central Montana has to offer.  And nothing beats a White Christmas in Montana.


What do you like about UGF? As a nontraditional student I enjoy how welcoming the campus community is to everyone. I also love getting to know all the new faces on campus.







Julie Edstrom Julie Edstrom Picture
Vice President of Enrollment
Office: (406) 791-5271
Email: julie.edstrom@ugf.edu 

Favorite Quote: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

What do you like to do in Great Falls? My family and I are new to Great Falls and Montana and enjoy exploring the region. So far some of our favorite places include Gibson Park, the River's Edge Trail, the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and historic downtown.

What do you like best about UGF? The University of Great Falls is a place where students can discover possibilities in themselves that they might not at another school, through experiences like the freshman camping trip, service in the community, spiritual reflection and faculty mentoring.




Melanie Houge

Melanie Houge

Assistant Director of Admissions
Manager of Operations and Communications
Office: (406) 791-5210
Email: melanie.houge@ugf.edu


Favorite Quote: “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit." - Ronald Reagan

What do you like about Great Falls?  I love raising a family in Great Falls.  There are so many family activities to partake in.


What do you like about UGF? I like how beautiful the campus is, especially Providence Plaza.  I also love working with the great folks in the Admission Office and the students I get to meet. 







Rayshaun H. Ames
Senior Admission Counselor
Office: (406) 781-0712
Email: rayshaun.ames@ugf.edu


  • Freshman from Great Falls, Montana
  • Freshman from Arizona
  • Freshman from Alaska
  • Freshman from California
  • Freshman from Hawaii
  • Freshman from New Mexico
  • Freshman from Nevada
  • Freshman from Oregon
  • Freshman from Wyoming
  • Students being recruited for basketball and lacrosse



Favorite Quote:  “If your gonna play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band" - Alabama

What do you like to do in Great Falls?  I enjoy boating with friends in the summer months. I'm also a huge baseball fan, so whenever I can get out to a Voyagers game then that's always a good thing. Other than that, just enjoying the overall beauty of Montana, Great Falls in general spending as much time outdoors as possible. They don't call Montana the "Last Best Place" for no reason.  It's BEAUTIFUL here in the 406.

What do you like best about UGF?  As a graduate of the University of Great Falls and not being a Montana native, I know firsthand how welcoming UGF can be from top to bottom. I love the fact that UGF truly is a family atmosphere, where people actually care about your wellbeing.  Everyone here on campus is here for the same reasons, we all want to see our students reach the highest of their potential and strive for excellence along the way.





Tara Tadlock
Admission Counselor
Office: (406) 403-2248
Email: tara.tadlock@ugf.edu


  • Freshman from Western Montana
  • Freshman from California
  • Freshman from Washington
  • Freshman from the Central and Eastern Time Zones
  • Students being recruited for softball and wrestling


Favorite Quote: “Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”- JK Rowling

What do you like to do in Great Falls? I love all the local spots I have found in Great Falls- going to the market on Saturday mornings, finding treasures at the Barn, getting coffee at Crooked Tree, etc.

What do you like best about UGF?  When I was a student at UGF, I most appreciated the sense of community that the university offered and the professors who made it easy to ask questions and get help when I needed it.






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