s. diane lund

Professor of Biology, Division Chair


Office Location: DPSC Building, Room 100
Phone: (406) 791-5951
Fax: (406) 791-5990

Biographical Information

My degree is a research oriented PhD. I have been involved in basic biomedical research on steroid hormone gene regulation, apolipoprotein characterization & lipid scavenging, and neurodegeneration. I have 10 publications in peer reviewed journals (4 first author). My research experiences brings new life to the laboratory part of the courses I teach. I can bring in 'real world' 'hands on', or 'in the trenches' views of science to the classroom (lab). I came over to UGF from MSU-GF College of Technology. One of the main reasons for coming over to UGF was the chance to be a part of a community that develops a student as a whole (academic, community & self, beyond self - spiritual), not just to prepare them for a job. There are so many things one can glean from a 4 year experience, that are not seen in a student's transcripts or number of outside activities; to help understand the world & truly comprehend the beauty & the wonder of everything we see & everything we are. To show students ways in which to grow, so that we call all decide how to live & how to love. I end up learning as much from my students as they hopefully learn from me. All that you touch you change. All that you change, changes you. I look forward to the exploration & discovery.

Areas of Interest

I love animals, especially my two dogs… a boxer (Sadie) & a pug (Tucker).
I 'do' stained glass…
I love gardening.
I have just taken up playing the guitar.
I enjoy snowshoeing, cross-country & downhill skiing.
I enjoy fishing, camping, mountain biking & hiking in the woods.
I am a sports nut - primarily college basketball (all) & professional baseball (Cincinnati Reds)
I played basketball in College (at Carroll College... a long time ago ;).
I keep book or shot clock for the UGF Argos, you will see me at all the home games.
I play women's & coed softball in the summers.
I have coached sophomore girls basketball at Great Falls High.
I have coached junior varsity softball at Great Falls High. 


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