nate bickford

Associate Professor of Biology
Office Location: Science Building Room 106A
Phone: (406) 791-5950



Teaching can be a great joy; the challenge is to make your class and any subject interesting and fun. I continually work to make my classes engaging. I am always changing the way I teach using feedback from the students to develop better ways of conveying information and making the information accessible to the students. I have a great enthusiasm for science and I hope to infect all my students with the life-long learning bug. Science is always changing and I feel it is very important to teach new and interesting discoveries, often before the knowledge works its way into books.

My teaching objectives center around providing students research and educational opportunities designed to enhance their understanding of science and provide them with skills and confidence to continue their undergraduate science degree programs as well as to encourage these students to continue their studies at the graduate level.

Research Program
My research focus is comprised of three intertwined threads of science:
- Ecosystem Ecology
- Bird ecology
- Assessment of habitat use by fish
- Aquatic community structure
My research ranges from applied to basic, all with the goal of better understanding the interactions between the physical and biological components of aquatic ecosystems. All of my research is multidisciplinary weaving biology, chemistry, and geology to provide new and unique insights into ecosystem form and function. My research is constantly evolving and expanding into new, relevant, and fundable areas. Being on the cutting edge with the risks and benefits associated with cutting edge research is precisely where I intend to remain, always looking at things in a new way combining methods from traditionally isolated science disciplines to answer important environmental questions.

Falconry – I use hawks and falcons to chase and sometimes catch game animals.
Dog sledding – I have a small 8 dog recreational team that I used to run fun races
Hunting – My family gets its food from nature which necessitates hunting and harvest lifestyle
Farming – My family has a hobby farm where we raise our food.


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