julia becker

Professor of Art
Office Location: Art Building
Phone: (406) 791-5375


Julia M. Becker has been creating art professionally for over 30 years and works in a wide range of media and approaches including painting, printmaking, installation, sound, film, mixed media, sculpture, creative writing, and book arts. Her work is collected worldwide including in the USA, France, Germany, Taiwan, Africa, and England. She is an international award winning film-maker, visual artist and educator. As the parent of a child with special needs (Super Powers) Julia is inspired and empowered by the unlimited capacity of the human mind and spirit. Becker has worked with people of all ages and abilities in a multitude of settings. She is a world traveler who has studied, worked and interacted with communities and within environments in West Africa, South India, Thailand, Burma, Mexico, and the USA including Alaska. Her work continues to be inspired by her joy for life, empathy with living things, sense of place, and the urge to explore and discover. Her approach to teaching focuses on experiential teaching and learning. She loves to play and hopes her students do, too.


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