arthur l. alt

Professor of General Science
Office Location: Science Building Room 127B
Phone: (406) 791-5381

I attended UCLA as an undergraduate, as an Astronomy-Physics major. At that school, I found out that there exists a virtually an infinite number of really neat topics to study in science, mathematics, anthropology, and other fields. Between my time at UCLA and my 26 years teaching at UGF, I have accumulated enough knowledge to allow me to teach 39 different classes on our campus, including all the science classes, most of the mathematics classes, and other classes in a variety of fields.


I try to be both a theoretician and an applied scientist in dealing with the world. In that regards, I love running field trips/camps on dinosaurs, astronomy, forensic investigations, chemistry magic, and magic in general. My motto for class is: if we’re not having fun, it’s being done wrong!


I love to teach classes in super memory improvement, speed reading and self-hypnosis. I believe in doing whatever is necessary to get materials across to the students. Projects I plan to work on as time permits include astrobiology, investigating new instrumentation methods in forensic sciences, redefining intelligence to investigate life’s development on earth, developing above-average memory skills in students, and finishing my science fiction novel. Above all, my greatest fun is in teaching students, especially my grandson, the wonders of science, how to think creatively and cleverly, and how to land a fantastic job to pursue their own dreams. Beside that, I love walking our two dogs and two cats (yes, they walk with us!!), hanging out with my wife Cheryll (we’ve been married for 40 years), talking with my daughter Sharna (a veterinarian in Seattle), and adventuring with my grandson Gabriel. It’s a great life!!!




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